Under Review

 South Korean Public Opinion on Conflicts with North Korea under the US Extended Deterrence”

  • Lead article with Hyeong-Pil Ham (ROK Army) and Man-Sung Yim (KAIST)
  • Conditionally Accepted at Nonproliferation Review

Peer-Reviewed Publications

“Nonproliferation Information and Attitude Change: Experimental Evidence from South Korea”

  • Lead article with Jong Hee Park (SNU) / Chapter of MA thesis in Seoul National University
  • Forthcoming at Journal of Conflict Resolution

“Correlates of South Korean Public Opinion on Nuclear Proliferation.”

  • Lead Article with Man-Sung Yim (KAIST) / Chapter of MA thesis in Seoul National University
  • Asian Survey 61(4), 2021

Working Papers

“Formation of Nuclear Taboo: Evidence from Atomic Bomb Survivors in Hiroshima and Nagasaki”

  • [Draft]

“Responses to Violence for Studying Post-Violence Politilca Activism: Lab-in-Field Evidence from Gwangju Uprising in South Korea”

  • [Draft]

Work in Progress

[1] “Spread of Nuclear Taboo”

  • Data Collection in South Korea and Japan
  • Field Research in Summer 2024 (Scheduled)

[2] “Social Integration of North Korean Refugees”

  • with Michael Gilligan (NYU)